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Native Plants & Foods Story Map

Exploring Indigenous foods and medicine work and education in Coast Salish communities and beyond.

Connecting communities to traditional plants and foods is an essential part of overall health and wellness for Indigenous communities. When we connect with traditional foods and medicines, we not only nurture our mind, body, and spirit, but we also reach back to our ancestors and cultures.

To help facilitate these connections, our Wild Foods and Medicines Program, Urban Indian Health Institute, Swinomish Community Environmental Health Program, Feed Seven Generations, and Oregon State University partnered to create Coast Salish Connections: A Native Plants & Foods StoryMap. Largely centered in Coast Salish communities and lands, the StoryMap uses maps, photos, videos, and more to detail how educators, curricula, and teachings are formed and spread across Turtle Island.

Coast Salish Connections: A Native Plants & Foods StoryMap paints a portrait of over 200 connections spanning across the United States and beyond. With this visualized network, learners can take a detailed look into the continued tradition of revitalizing ecological knowledge and connecting current and future generations of knowledge keepers.

Sharing these stories supports the advancement of good health and wellness among networks of Indigenous communities. We hope it brings you inspiration, new ideas, and opportunities for collaboration!

Check out the Story Map and begin your own connections here.

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