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To access the full curriculum, visit the Native Plants and Foods Curriculum Portal.

In order to protect the plants and Native American cultural knowledge and stories featured in the curriculum, we ask that anyone using the materials read the Tend Teacher Guide, watch the Honoring Plants, Places and Cultural Traditions video, and take a multiple-choice quiz on the portal. Consider the plant information and stories featured in the curriculum as gifts, and the quiz as an opportunity to reflect on the generosity, intentionality, and purpose with which it is shared—a means of honoring the work.

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Additional Community Resources

The Tend Plant Guide covers 20 northwest plants and includes 38 hands-on lessons. Teachers can choose plants and lessons based on what is available, in season, and most relevant to students. Plants that are at risk for overharvest have not been included in the curriculum unless there is a specific emphasis on restoration.

Wild Foods & Medicines Program Video Links

Recommended video materials for Tend, Gather, and Grow Curriculum, for Plant Teachings for Growing Social-Emotional Skills, Cedar Box Stories, 13 Moons Curriculum, other Videos.

Wild Food & Herbal Medicine Resources

A brief review of our favorite books, websites, courses, and groups for Western Washington.

Immune and Respiratory Herbs

A resource for tribal communities during COVID-19.

Youth Connection Toolkit

In our work with youth and with the broader community, we have found that the way that we do something—the process—is just as important as what we’re doing—the content. This document covers some of the core facilitation techniques that we use, as well as why we use them.

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